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Monday, December 4, 2017

Have you been injured in a sideswipe accident with an 18-Wheeler?

Semi-trucks are huge vehicles that can weight upwards of 80,000 lbs. Because of this, accidents involving 18-wheelers tend to be catastrophic, often resulting in severe injuries or even wrongful death. 18-wheelers are a common sight on Texas roads, but when a truck driver causes an accident due to negligence, do NOT expect the insurance company to treat you fairly.

Truck accident injury claims are defended vigorously. Insurance companies have gotten really good at shooting down or minimizing claims. Because of the high policy limits on commercial trucks, adjusters often go to great lengths to limit the value of your claim. They may claim that you should have done your part in ensuring that the trucker was aware of your presence, or they may call into question your driving record and pick out a ticket you received five years in order to show that you’re a bad driver.

As truck accident attorneys, we see these tactics used all the time. Even worse, we talk to many victims who were strung along by the insurance company only to find out several months later that their claim has been denied. Unfortunately, by the time these people reach out to us, it’s often too late in the process for an attorney to help.

It is important to get in touch with an experienced truck accident law firm immediately if you’ve been injured in a truck accident. While property damage claims are usually pretty straight forward, the same cannot be said for an accident injury claim (especially those involving commercial trucks). There is no harm in having someone in your corner to advocate for your best interests and navigate the claims process, and it costs you nothing out of pocket to hire us.

18-Wheelers have massive blind spots

A blind spot is simply an area within a field of vision that cannot be seen by a driver due to the shape of the vehicle or the angle of the side mirrors. As a result, truck drivers are trained to approach highway off-ramps with care, and to change lanes only when it is absolutely certain the other lane is clear.

While we never recommend driving directly next to an 18-wheeler for an extended period of time, do not allow them to blame you (even partially) for their own act of negligence. Truck drivers are still governed by the same traffic laws as everyone else (FMCSA regulations), and you deserve to be fairly compensated.

Common sideswipe accident scenarios:
  • Poor driver training can cause Dallas truck drivers to operate vehicles in a reckless manner
  • Driver distraction is a huge cause of Dallas 18-wheeler accidents. This can be due to the truck driver messing with the radio controls, watching TV while driving, talking on the phone, and engaging in activities which take their attention away from the task at hand
  • Tire blowouts happen every once in a while, and may be the result of inadequate maintenance, product liability, or due to a mismatched tire
  • Driver intoxication is another common cause of sideswipe accidents in Dallas, including drivers impaired by alcohol, stimulants, pain killers, or illegal narcotics
Sideswipe crashes can be dangerous because they can result in underride accidents, rollovers, and jackknifing. Passenger vehicles involved in sideswipes are often pushed off the road or into incoming traffic.

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