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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Taking Effective Car Accident Photos

It's important to preserve as much evidence as possible at the scene of the accident, like taking notes and photos. When you're trying to prove damages, photographs can be very effective. Photos of the accident scene and property damages can eliminate doubts and disputes raised by the other driver or his or her insurance company.

Accident scene photography can be used as solid evidence as long as it reflects accurate details and context. While pictures of damages are important, evidence of the surrounding areas is important as well.

Here are some tips for taking effective car accident photos:

1. Take general views of the accident scene:
Get an overall view of the accident scene. Take multiple photos of the scene from different angles. Don't worry about the details in these pictures.

2. Get all vehicles involved in the accident in the picture:
Make sure you get the vehicles' relative positions and different angles of their proximity to other cars.

3. Objects damaged by the accident:
Get photos of any damaged street signs, trees, guardrails, or any other stationary objects damaged by the accident.

4. Detailed views of the damaged vehicles:
Get close-ups of any broken glasses, windows, scratches, and any other damaged parts of the vehicles. Check inside the vehicle and get photos of any interior damages as well.

5. Condition of the roads and surrounding areas:
Take photos of any roadside debris, skid marks, or any other signs of crash in surrounding areas.

6. Any physical injuries you sustained:
Take photos of any injuries you sustained that are visually apparent.

Other Helpful Photos:
Traffic lights and signs:
Take photos of any traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, and any other traffic indicators that are near the accident scene.

Conditions of the weather:
Take photos of the weather condition, such as clouds, rain, or snow. These photos can be used if the other driver, who is at fault for the accident, blames the weather for playing a role in the crash.

License plates and insurance cards:
Take photos of license plates of all vehicles involved in the accident and the other drivers' insurance cards.

People involved in the accident:
Take photos of the other driver(s), any passengers, witnesses, and police officers to avoid any confusion in identifying the people involved in the accident. However, do not take photos of injured people.

Keep in mind that safety comes before anything else. Check the condition of yourself and other people involved in the accident first. Also, be respectful of the privacy rights of others. For example, you SHOULD NOT post any of the pictures of others on social media.

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